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Sergey SimonovSergey Simonov
18:44 18 May 24
I thank all the clinic staff for the quality work, organizing the process, and for consulting on hair transplantation 🔥 4000 grafts are happy about the new place on my head) You are the best guys!!!
Mert KayadüğünMert Kayadüğün
08:57 16 May 24
''If you want to have a hair transplant, the first address you should go to is Fizyoestet Hair. I would like to thank my health consultant Ms. Ece, my teacher Uğur and his team for their efforts and services.- It is an honor to serve.''
Mehmet GunesMehmet Gunes
12:51 07 May 24
There is a team that makes you feel valued at every stage of the process. The 6-month hair transplantation process is already satisfactory. If you want a natural look and a really good touch to your life, I definitely recommend it.
A. EA. E
17:56 01 May 24
I met with many hair transplant clinics and hospitals, but I always felt like physioaesthetics. Today I am on my 12th day and the shell was shed 2 days ago. The team that took care of me was the same every time I went, so knowledgeable people always took care of me throughout the process. I am glad that I chose physioaesthetics even though it was far from me. Uğur and his team performed a very successful transplantation. I was not bored during the operation. The conversation was always at its highest level. This is a great thing for me. It was a plus even though I fell asleep from time to time😅 I would like to thank Ms. Ece, who helped me in every way and from whom I could get accurate and clear information when I wrote down information about hair transplantation, both at the beginning and constantly, regardless of the time. There is teacher Uğur, Ms. Ece, and a huge team whose names I cannot remember, who took care of me from beginning to end. I am afraid of the places that take the most money and ignore the interest, but even though I made the payment much earlier, the interest has always remained the same. Thank you very much to everyone who is very important and very valuable in terms of reliability in this period, thank you for your efforts🙏
Hasan AyazHasan Ayaz
13:04 01 May 24
Hello. Among many clinics and hospitals, both my customer representative Ms. Ece and our experienced and knowledgeable doctors at the clinic played a major role in helping me make the right decision to undergo surgery at the Physioestehair polyclinic. You can have the look you want with peace of mind. I came from Uşak province and I never had any difficulties in anything. I hope you don't experience it too and wish you a good day :))
Karina ElizabethKarina Elizabeth
16:41 16 Jan 24
My husband and I traveled from the US to get his hair transplant done. Originally, it was with another known company. However, we were extremely skeptical about falling into only marketing sales and assembly line clinics (there are plenty out there). We were recommended to Fizyoestet hair, it was a complete God-send. They were able to accommodate everything with short notice. Appointments, car transportation, and hotels.The customer service is beyond stellar. We felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Ahmet was amazing and listened to all our needs. He has now become a permanent family friend.The actual procedure was also great. We had two doctors and multiple technicians dedicated to give my husband great care and made sure he was comfortable the whole time. All of the doctor’s recommendations made sense. Placement of the grafts and etc.The aftercare is still very fresh. They have followed up to make sure my husband is doing okay and taken care of. We are very excited about the final results.
Zed FazilZed Fazil
23:12 07 Dec 23
The service was impeccable, and the staff were incredibly proficient in English, making communication seamless. They were not just helpful but went above and beyond, ensuring I felt supported throughout the process. What stood out was their continuous care—staff constantly checked in on me, displaying genuine concern for their patients' well-being. I highly recommend this clinic for their top-notch service, proficient English-speaking staff, and unwavering dedication to patient care.
Raheel RanaRaheel Rana
05:45 18 Sep 23
I was recommended about this clinic in Australia by a friend and I fully support and appreciate the service . I have got my hair Transplanted (FUE) in Sep 2023. Although it’s early to comment on the results but I would like to commemorate the excellent , professional and neat n clean service by this clinic as a whole. I was welcomed by the consultant who explained me the process and remain with / around me through out the treatment and after care. doctors supervised most of the work. The technician did an outstanding job extracting 4900 graphs followed by a dedicated team that planted it carefully. Very impressed by the service . Would recommend it definitely .I will post the pics of the result in comments.
Svetlana NaumovaSvetlana Naumova
06:05 08 Jun 23
Best clinic, best people. We got hair transplant there and many different cosmetic procedures. Very professional staff. Very helpful and nice people working there. Very recommended.
taka shopstaka shops
19:41 13 Oct 22
I would like to thank Fizyoestet hair clinic for a special treatment I received coming from Buffalo, NY. Long flight worth the service I got and the Hair Transplant best part of it. Great result!
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