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Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and mustache transplant is among the procedures performed to thicken beards that do not grow or grow sparsely due to genetic or other reasons. It is one of the methods that many men resort to, especially to be painless and successful. Since there are finer hairs in the beard and mustache area, hair follicles should be taken from different areas. A special design should also be made in beard and mustache transplant.

For beard and mustache transplant, especially the nape root is preferred, but the beard condition of the individual is also decisive for this. Different hairs should be preferred for individuals with thick beards and mustaches and individuals with thin hairs, and the design should be done in this way.

How is Beard and Mustache Transplant Done?

It is necessary to consult a specialist doctor for beard and mustache transplant. Then, the examination and examination process begins for the face shape and features of the individual, and the beard and mustache design is done at this time. In the process of beard and mustache transplantation, the face shape and appearance of the individual are very important for design. The design can be determined by the person himself and the doctor by a joint decision. In addition to this, the area to be grafted and the number of hair follicles to be extracted from this area are also calculated. Beard and mustache transplantation is performed with local anesthesia and DHI and FUE methods are used for this procedure. Thus, while the beard and mustache transplant process heals in a short time, the hairs grow faster.

Advantages of Beard and Mustache Transplant

There are many advantages in beard and mustache transplantation. The person can have a design suitable for him and can create his own style by specifying what kind of beard and mustache he wants to the doctor. Since local anesthesia is applied during the beard and mustache transplantation process, pain is not felt in this process. After this procedure, you can continue to shave normally after taking into account the time given by your doctor.

Beard and Mustache Transplant Prices

Beard and mustache transplant prices vary according to the beard and mustache type of the individual. The number of grafts during the procedure also affects the price. Depending on the techniques used and the graft, an average price is calculated for the person.

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