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Dermojet (Needle Free Anaesthesia)

Dermojet (Needle free Anaesthesia)

Dermojet (Needle free Anaesthesia)

The Dermojet is a device that sprays anaesthetic agents into the skin under high pressure without the use of a needle. This makes it possible to provide anaesthesia quickly and effectively.

Benefits for Patients

Painless Anaesthesia:
– Dermojet eliminates the sensation of pain during injection because it does not use needles when administering anaesthesia. This provides great comfort, especially for patients who are afraid of needles. In this way, it reduces the pain sensation of the injections to be applied after the anaesthesia by 80%.

Fast Anaesthesia Effect:
– The anaesthetic substance quickly penetrates under the skin with the dermojet and the anaesthetic effect starts immediately. This helps you to have a more comfortable anaesthesia process.

Even Distribution:
– Dermojet ensures that the anaesthetic is evenly distributed under the skin. This prevents any area from remaining numb during the procedure and increases patient comfort.

Less Stress and Anxiety:
– An anaesthetic method without the fear of needles allows patients to experience less stress and anxiety before and during the procedure. This improves overall patient satisfaction.

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