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Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

There are many stages in the female hair transplant process. Before hair transplant, a specialist should examine the hair condition. A process for hair transplant should be planned together with the specialist and appropriate hair design should be done. There are also various methods for women to avoid scraping during the hair transplant process. Since unshaven hair transplant is one of the issues that women care about, hair transplantation planning is carried out in this direction.

There are two different applications for hair transplant in women. The first of these applications is the DHI hair transplant technique, while the other is the FUE hair transplant technique. DHI hair transplantation is one of the most preferred methods by women because there is no scarring and direct transplantation is performed. FUE hair transplantation is also preferred by people with sparse hair problems, as there is a possibility of frequent transplantation. In female hair transplantation, the areas where the roots will be taken are determined and the hair transplantation process is generally completed in one session. Since these applications will be performed with local anesthesia, pain is not felt. After the female hair transplant procedure, the commands of the specialist should also be taken into account. Applying what needs to be done after the hair transplant procedure will also speed up the healing process.

Unshaven Hair Transplant for Female

Female hair transplant procedures are generally performed without shaving. One of the determining factors here is the size of the area to be treated. With the hair transplantation process, which is usually performed without shaving, the individual completes this process more satisfied. In the hair transplantation process, it is generally applied to the sparse areas of the hair. With the methods that do not cause scars or crusts, it has become possible to perform hair transplantation without shaving.

Female Hair Transplant Prices

Female hair transplant prices are generally related to hair condition. While there may be a price difference between the DHI technique and the FUE technique, the number of grafts will also determine the price. Before the hair transplant, a net price will be told after the necessary examinations and controls regarding the hair condition of the person, as well as the application of more than one session will determine the cost.

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