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Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant is an aesthetic method preferred by both men and women. Traditionally, most hair transplant procedures involve shaving some or all of the patient’s hair. This situation can be a deterrent for men and women who will benefit greatly from hair transplantation in terms of adapting to social life. Although the lengthening time of the shaved area is fast, some people still prefer the unshaven method. At the same time, one of the most preferred methods in female hair transplantation is unshaven hair transplantation. Our Fizyoestet Hair medical team takes great strides in Unshaven Hair Transplantation practices, ensuring that most or even all of the patient’s existing hair is preserved.

How to Do Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Three different procedures are applied for Unshaven Hair Transplantation, depending on the patient’s hair loss intensity and the nature of hair loss. In all cases, the donor site is typically the back of the head. Because hair loss is not seen much in this area and the scalp is flexible. The three methods used in hair transplantation technique without shaving can be listed as follows:

1. Shaved Donor and Unshaven Recipient Area

In patients whose recipient area is almost completely bald, the donor area may need to be shaved. This procedure takes more time and becomes more difficult if the recipient area has a significant amount of hair. However, hair transplantation can be done easily with the modern methods applied.

2nd Restricted Shaved Donor Zone

Only one or two small strips of hair in the donor area are shaved. This technique allows the donor area to be hidden by the patient’s remaining hair. However, this method limits the number of hair follicles (grafts) that can be taken. This procedure can generally allow up to 2,500 grafts per session.

3rd Completely Unshaven Zone

Hair grafts are collected from the donor area before being transplanted into the recipient area without the need for shaving. This method gives the fastest results as most of the hair will not need to regrow. However, completely Unshaven Hair Transplant greatly limits the number of grafts that can be transplanted in a single session. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique or DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method is mostly preferred for Unshaven Hair Transplantation in Turkey. Both methods provide full and natural final results and are performed by our expert hair restoration experts. Up to 4,000 grafts are transplanted in 1 session with the FUE method. In the DHI method, up to a maximum of 3,000 grafts are transplanted. Which hair transplant style to use depends largely on the specific needs of the patient. After the hair is transplanted, it grows back permanently within 10-12 months, giving full and natural final results.

What are the Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Unshaven Hair Transplant provides many benefits. One of the best benefits of this method is the confidence that an unshaven hair transplant offers. There are almost no visible signs of an unshaven hair transplant operation following the procedure. In addition, since the hair is not shaved before the transplant, it is easier to place the newly added hair according to its natural angle and direction of growth.

Since the hair is not shaved in unshaven hair transplantation, the person can easily return to his daily life. This method is ideal especially for women who do not want to walk around with shaved hair. This method is preferred by many people for those who do not want to give up their current hair style. People with long hair do not need to wait for their hair to grow back. In addition, it is almost never clear that the hair transplant procedure was performed. This method is a little longer than the other shaved method, but there is absolutely no risk.

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