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Hair Care After Hair Transplant

For hair care after Hair Transplant, the products to be applied to the hair and which products will damage the hair texture should be taken into consideration. It is necessary to consider some critical points in order to get the desired results from Hair Transplant and to prevent scar formation. Hair care is required under normal conditions for the hair follicles to be healthy. However, care after Hair Transplant is important in terms of not damaging the hair follicles and keeping the new hair healthy.

9 Care Routines for Hair Care After Hair Transplant

There are some issues that should not be overlooked and taken into account in the hair care process after Hair Transplant. The cares for the hair to heal quickly after the Hair Transplant and to prevent any complications in the hair are as follows:

Do Not Wash Your Hair Suddenly After Hair Transplant

The most important rule for hair care after Hair Transplant is not to wash the hair immediately. It is necessary to wash the hair at the earliest 3 days after planting. Under normal conditions, the hair should not be touched with water for 1 week in order not to damage the hair follicles.

Wash Hair Regularly 3 Days After Hair Transplant

After the Hair Transplant, you can wash your hair every day when the rule of not washing for 3 days ends. If you want to refresh your hair, you can wash it twice a day. It is enough to wash the hair for 2 or 3 girls to help the hair follicles grow.

Strictly Do Not Massage the Hair Transplant Area

It is necessary to avoid massaging the hair transplant area. Because the hair follicles may not be fully settled. Loss of hair follicles may be inevitable with the massage you will do. If you want to massage, you will have to wait for the healing process.

Apply Moisturizer to Prevent Irritation After Hair Transplant

Using moisturizer for hair care after Hair Transplant can reduce itching and dryness of the hair. However, apply moisturizing gentle movements to your hair without applying too much pressure.

Use Doctor Recommended Products After Hair Transplant

The products recommended by the doctor during hair care after Hair Transplant are important. For example, if you are going to apply shampoo on your neck, it is beneficial to use the shampoo recommended by the doctor. It is necessary to avoid applying excessive pressure during washing.

Wash Your Hair Gently

One of the most important hair care routines after Hair Transplant is to wash the hair gently without pressing it. Washing by applying pressure may cause redness and shedding in the transplanted area. It will be enough to rinse the hair with a mild shampoo.

Do Not Use Heat-Powered Tools

In the first sensitive days after Hair Transplant, the lowest setting of the blow dryer can be used to dry the hair. Drying with cold air will be the best and healthy. If possible, try to dry only with a towel.

Preserve the Transplanted Area After Hair Transplant

The 3 days after Hair Transplant is very critical. You can protect the planted area for 3 days with a bandana and similar accessories.

Do Not Use Hair Styler

One of the most important products that should be avoided for hair care after Hair Transplant is hair stylers. Hair styling agents such as gel, gloss, and spray can disrupt the structure of growing hair follicles. After the hair starts to grow, you can use a doctor-approved hair styler.

Avoid Sunscreens for Post Hair Transplant Care

You may need to go out after Hair Transplant. In such cases, it is dangerous to be exposed to direct sunlight. Chemical components contained in sunscreens may impair the health of the planting area. Try to arrange the times you go out towards evening times. Going outside during scorching times can increase itching and irritation.

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