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PRP Treatment

PRP treatment stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. In the PRP application, the materials taken from the person’s own blood are applied to the scalp of the person and it is aimed to repair the hair follicles with this application. PRP application shows its effects in a short time and is one of the best treatment methods applied to prevent hair loss. PRP treatment is applied not only for hair, but also to rejuvenate the skin of the individual. While PRP treatment is applied for various aesthetic problems, it is one of the best applications especially for sparse and weak hair.

PRP treatment can be applied due to age, genetic factors or other reasons that cause hair loss. Since the individual’s own blood is used to repair hair follicles in the PRP application, there is no risk of any infectious disease, and it does not cause any allergic conditions. After the application, with the revitalization of the hair follicles, the hair tissue begins to develop and weak or worn hair follicles begin to repair themselves.

How is PRP Treatment Applied?

Since PRP treatment is applied with the person’s own blood, 10 to 20 ml. blood is drawn between This blood taken separates the red blood cells in the blood with the specially developed centrifugation and microfiltration methods. After this process, a very rich plasma of platelets and thrombocyte cells emerges and this plasma becomes available to be applied to the hair follicles. After the surgical application, the hair follicles begin to repair themselves in a short time. Although PRP treatment is not an operation, it is one of the applications similar to outpatient treatment methods.

Is PRP Treatment Effective?

While PRP treatment has taken its place among the popular applications recently, it also creates many question marks in mind. While PRP treatment is applied to repair hair follicles, it is used to provide tissue repair against hair loss and to increase the vitality of hair follicles. With this application, which revitalizes the hair follicles, it also affects the formation of new hair. In addition, scientists continue to examine the benefits and permanence of PRP application.

How Much Are the Prices of PRP Treatment?

It is not possible to make a clear statement about the prices of PRP treatment. Since this application is carried out by a specialist doctor, it may vary according to the hair condition of the person as a result of the necessary examinations.

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